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Joe Fowler

Client Relationship Manager

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Caseflowhr Is So Much More Than A Traditional Case Management System

Your Decisions Become More Reasonable and Thoughtful

Case management systems use a basic workflow platform and are primarily recording tools with task alerts. They cannot help with the quality or reasonableness of decisions. Caseflowhr uses ground-breaking technology which delivers supportive guidance for the end user throughout the process.

We Help To Make Decisions

Traditional case management systems are at their best when converting detailed HR policies and procedures into digitalised “to do” lists. They provide reminders to the end user to follow a procedure but not how to make decisions.

We Provide Chronology Of Decisions And Events

Caseflowhr has a unique Case Summary Sheet which automatically populates as the case progresses, providing a detailed chronology of key decisions and events. What’s more, caseflowhr’s agility means you can pre-determine which decisions and events to capture for each case type.

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