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The Latest Updates & Winners From HR Heroes Awards 2021

Caseflowhr HR Heroes Award – Innovation Category

Winner: Tara Mansfield, People Experience Director, Monzo Bank
Tara is a lady who has pioneered her organisation’s approach to mental health, trained 50+ mental health first aiders, runs a live channel to encourage discussion around mental health, launched an industry leading pregnancy loss policy, amongst many other things – a true HR Leader.

Caseflowhr HR Heroes Award – Individual Category

Winner:  Rachael Appleton, Head of HR, Voyage Care

Rachael is a lady who, since her start less than 2 years ago, has created a climate of continuous improvement, mentored Team members, has helped to steer this care sector company through the last uncertain and difficult 18 months.  She has made great improvements to policies and procedures, streamlined processed and has encouraged her Team onto greater things.  An inspirational Leader.

Caseflowhr HR Heroes Award – Team Category

Winners:  Valorum Care Group – Chris Johnson, Jamie Smith & Sarah Brearley

Valorum Care Group have a fabulous Team who work in the very hard hit sector of care.  A team who have demonstrated real empathy and support to their frontline staff, who have put welfare before process, ensuring a safe working environment for all.  They have created a new wellbeing strategy, creative recruitment strategies, mental health and domestic & sexual abuse in the workplace awareness training and behind the scenes call support when it mattered. 

Caseflowhr Heroes Award- Recognition Award Winners

Sarah Lawrence, Head of HR at Continental Engineering

Sarah joined remotely in May 2020 while the current leadership were trying to navigate the workforce transitioning to longer term remote working. With the added complication of the current HR officer leaving, requiring Sarah recruit a replacement before even starting in the role! She has also committed to hiring and training people with no experience for their first HR role with us. Since joining she has implemented a number of measures to safeguard employee wellbeing including; a monthly wellbeing survey, WFH risk assessments, wellbeing checks, outdoor meet ups and the use of cameras during employee one to ones and team meetings. Overall, Sarah is an inspiration to her Line Manager as a HR practitioner and she truly cares and about each of our employees. Joining an organisation remotely and transforming the management team and creating a better place for our employees to work.

HR Service Centre Team at South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

This HR Service Team of people worked tirelessly during the pandemic to implement two functional payments systems for 4,500 employees whilst preparing their Trust for a change of payroll contract, continuing to provide a payroll pre-processing service, doing checks, expenses, payroll, payment queries, etc.  Quite an achievement!

HR Team at West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust

This HR Team has demonstrated their dedication and commitment by assisting with Covid staff testing bookings operated on a 7 day basis, assisting with interviews to recruit more Call Assessor staff during evenings and weekends, supporting management and staff who were unwell with Covid, support for staff shielding and supporting those who were fearful of working on the frontline to ultimately ensure patient care, despite dealing with their own challenges, amongst others.  A truly dedicated team.

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