If recent events with P&O Ferries has taught us anything, it’s that even large, established organisations can get their HR practices wrong sometimes.

What quite happened within that particular business is still unclear, but it does appear that employee consultations did not take place as employment law requires.

Not only is the company now facing a significant fine of reportedly £36million, but the manner in which the situation was handled, has led to reputational damage that could be just as costly, to the point of beyond repair for many years to come.

So, whether it’s a large-scale redundancy scenario or a dismissal of some kind, following a fair, transparent and compliant process is essential, to help protect the business and the employees.

Greg Hartigan, Managing Director of caseflowhr.ai comments: “This latest debacle by P&O Ferries should be a wake up call for all businesses, regardless of their size, to do a proper and thorough review of their HR practices and how they are handled.  Especially in large organisations, the ability to see what is happening and ensure any ER case is dealt with in a compliant, fair and trackable way, should by now, be a major concern and priority for those in charge.

“I’m sure P&O Ferries is not the only business that has had to restructure in the wake of the pandemic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more stories like this come to the fore, as disgruntled employees reflect on how they may have been treated in a redundancy situation. We could see a spike in tribunals as a result of this, and they are not easy situations for businesses to face, especially when it comes to collating evidence and proof that things were handled in the correct way.”

Hear from Greg Hartigan, Managing Director of caseflowhr.ai on how businesses can protect themselves while dealing with what can often be difficult situations to manage:

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Caseflowhr.ai – Fair procedure

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