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What Caseflowhr can do for you ...

Caseflowhr is AI assisted software which allows the end user to make legally compliant and time-saving decisions.  It allows you to track your ER cases, ensure compliance, keeping all case data in one, secure, online location and can report back to you key metrics at the push of a button.

It’s like having an extra member of the Team in your pocket, ready to give you a helping hand at a moments notice, enabling your HR Teams to invest their time in employee engagement and wellbeing.   That’s why we call it ‘Your Digital ER Specialist!’

Our clients expect a personalised service with little effort – with Caseflowhr you can custom-create your own HR technology with our tailoring options.  This can allow you to tailor the pathways to conform to your organisation’s HR policies and procedures to ensure all cases are managed correctly and consistently.

Everything is customisable to your business and centred around humanising the HR process. 

Caseflowhr enables you to easily ...

Track your ER Cases

You will always have a complete overview of your cases and any tasks due, thus ensuring you never miss a deadline or action.

Organise your whole HR process and team in the cloud

Organise your whole HR process and team in one, secure, cloud location, accessible anywhere at any time online!

Get key data at the touch of a button

Get key data at the touch of a button. No more scrabbling around for data at the last second!

Humanising The Digital World

Caseflowhr was written for HR Professionals by HR Professionals with over 50 years of HR experience between them, who understand the sometimes complex and often challenging day to day workings of an HR Department.

In the last year, we have seen some major changes in the work environment.  Caseflowhr can help you deal with this.  By actively reducing the time your HR Team spends on the daily administration of ER cases, allowing them to focus on creating the best possible people experience for your organisation.

Caseflowhr automates, standardises and simplifies routine transactions thus unlocking the strategic potential of HR professionals to focus on the wellbeing of your employees.

Adapting to a new world of work …

The rise of the remote working environment and the challenges it brings to HR departments
The pandemic created the necessity for remote working environments in business, which can be a challenge. However, with Caseflowhr the access levels allow you to view anything from your own to the whole company's cases from your desk, wherever it is!
Increased forums on employee wellness, wellbeing and mental health
The pandemic has generated a great deal of mental health issues for employees. This could be a fear of returning to the office, loss of loved ones or even just a preference for hybrid working. All of this requires more time and effort from your HR Team, caseflowhr helps make this possible.
Increased workforce rights and demands alongside slimmed-down departments and budgets
With flexible working options becoming more commonplace, hybrid working options the norm, and wellbeing issues high on the agenda, HR Teams need all the help they can get to free up time to deal with these matters for employees.

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“Caseflowhr is our ideal HR partner – accessible, knowledgeable and easy to use. It has transformed our manual process to online. ER cases can be conducted in real-time. The impact has been overwhelmingly positive”.


Rachael Appleton, Head of HR, Voyage Care

“I would recommend caseflowhr wholeheartedly. It translates the complexities of ER cases into simple pathways and  provides one handy place to track and record all case details. I have worked in a variety of sectors using manual systems.  I wish I had had Caseflowhr years ago, not only for individual cases but for Reporting and Analytics. Managing ER is so  much easier. I have all I need at the press of a button”. 

Realising your investment in Caseflowhr

HR departments usually are not revenue generating, which can make justifying any increased spend difficult. However, during the pandemic it has become obvious how crucial the change to digital technology for HR Teams has now become. 

The good news is that the return on your investment in Caseflowhr is easily justified through efficiency savings, improved performance and a reduction in your overall spend.

How Does It Work?

Assisted Decision Making

Assisted Decision Making

Whether complex or simple, caseflowhr provides you with assisted AI to support decision making to ensure you reach reasonable and legally defensible outcomes.

Tailored Pathways

Agile Options

Caseflowhr’s agile platform provides online pathways which conform to the statutory minimum. They can also be tailored to comply with your HR policies and procedures, ensuring all cases are managed correctly and consistently. (Tailoring fees may apply). Pathways include Misconduct, Capability, Grievance, Long Term Sickness Absence, Ill Health, Maternity, Adoption, Redudancy, to name but a few.

Case Documentation

Case Documentation

Caseflowhr provides legally compliant template letters and forms to address each aspect of the case, or if you choose, we can insert your own templates into the library, ready for you to use. This, and any uploaded documents can be stored in one place in the case file, to ensure nothing is misplaced.

Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboard and Analytics

Access meaningful analytics in at-a-glance dashboards to get an instant overview of current caseloads. This is alongside easy to use reporting to ensure you can quickly identify trends, allowing preventative actions.

Unique Summary Sheet

Unique Summary Sheet

As you progress through a case it will automatically populate a summary sheet of key events as each case progresses. This summary sheet provides a case chronology of decisions and procedural events, which can be very useful for meetings, tribunals and audits.

Risk Reduction and Business Interruption

Risk Reduction and Business Interruption

Manage business risk and ensure continuity through close oversight and appropriate escalation of, for example, serious cases, long term absences and suspensions.